IcallCheap using eFax the best recommended Internet Fax provider. Now there's a better way to fax. eFax makes it possible to use your existing email account to send and receive faxes. Use the link below to Try eFax free. Fax lets you eliminate the cost and inconvenience of fax machines and phone lines. Internet fax achieves a dramatic reduction in communication costs especially when long faxes are frequently exchanged with overseas or distant offices. Since there is no telephone connection charge when sending a fax over the Internet, the cost of sending faxes is covered entirely by the fixed line Internet connection fee.









Free pages included monthly

Shared fax number(s) included with plan

Send and receive faxes on your PC, via email, or with the Mobile App

Cloud integration (Box, Dropbox™, Google Drive™, Microsoft Outlook®)

Web support

Phone support

User settings access (for additional lines added for users)5

Best Value

Corporate Plan

A complete E-Fax solution Benefit

Flexible faxing

Send and receive faxes from computers, smartphones and tablets with ease.

Security first

Rest easy knowing cloud fax securely transmits over an encrypted internet connection.

Advanced functionality

Send faxes online to groups, block faxes without caller ID, and receive notifications of all activity.

Online account and fax logs

View faxes that you have received and sent and see detailed electronic fax logs via your online account.

Diverse choice of numbers

Keep existing fax numbers or choose toll-free or local numbers.

No work interruptions

Don’t worry about being on the phone, you’ll still seamlessly receive your online fax messages .