Conference Call

Conference Calling with IcallCheap is a simple, affordable way to connect up to 300 participants from all over the world in HD (High Definition) Voice quality.

All the call-center related statistics can be viewed in real-time. One of the features of the callcenter is predictive dialing. To restrict the operator wait times, the Calls can be prepared on the server side and dropped to operators when they are waiting for it. Our conference bridge makes it easy to connect employees who split their time working from home, on the road and in the office. It's perfect for weekly team meetings, sales training, customer training, project meetings and webinars.

You're given an easy-to-configure conference bridge that has a dedicated number and is password protected. This allows you to easily set up a conference call without having to plan ahead or use a third-party conferencing provider. Please note that call durations are sometimes subject to limits defined by external carriers. An excessively long duration call may be disconnected based upon these limits with third parties which cannot control.

The Advantages of Conference Calling with

Moderate conference calls.

As the moderator, you have full control over the conference and have access to over 15 call controls, including mute or un-mute participants, and require name announcement during your conference call.