At IcallCheap, we offer a number of business opportunities, one of which being our callback agent opportunity. Becoming a callback agent will give you the means to become a part of the telecom industry and take advantage of the profitability of the market. As a callback agent, you will sell our callback service and receive commission based on how much business you bring in. The commission rate is very high compared to what other telecom companies offer to their agents.As a callback agent, you will be able to benefit from our brand name as well.

IcallCheap has been in business for over fifteen years and has developed a very strong brand name. When people see the IcallCheap name on the service you are selling, they will associate it with quality and reliability. Our callback agents have the advantage of using our name.Callback service is a method of making international calls that allows calls from all countries to go through the US and be charged the US rates, which are much lower than the rates in other countries of the world. We currently have successful callback agents working all over the world and bringing in extremely high income from their commission.